Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'll have some aspirin please, some body wash, and a vaccination

4319461386_a0d19e0860 Nova Scotia is freeing up some room in your doctor's waiting room.
Amendments to the Pharmacy Act now mean that pharmacists in Nova Scotia will be able to administer vaccinations and order some diagnostic tests.  Imagine! Getting both the shopping done and having your jabs done all at once! Health Minister Maureen MacDonald says the goal is to take advantage of a pool of qualified professionals in order to free up doctors to concentrate on other areas of health care. Although unable to put a dollar figure on any potential savings, Health Minister Maureen McDonald says the move will create efficiencies in the health system.  As more pharmacists graduate, more will begin helping out.It's hoped the program will begin some time this year.

While innovative, similar initiatives in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and New Brunswick have already been put in place, and are working well, according to all reports.
I'm not sure the supermarket druggist is ready, however, for my son and his ear-piercing screams when a needle is in sight. Is Loblaws or Sobeys planning to build small corrals privacy rooms? Or are they ready  to chase down my fleeing children? The doctor's office is a bit more private and not-so-escapable, if you see what I'm saying. While I applaud the use of medical personnel, I wonder how quickly people will agree to use this service - it all seems a bit public for me.
But then again, maybe I could use the extra time while the store hunts for my kids to shop alone. Humm.
This is an original Canada Moms Blog post. Jessica blogs at daysgoby and isn't sure that a mere grocery store can withstand the fury of her beserker duo.
Photo by paulswansen